Saturday, January 14, 2017

Flotilla Book One of The Pac Fish Series) by Daniel Haight

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Rating: ⭑⭑⭑⭑

Daniel Haight delivers a unique coming of age story with Flotilla. This novel follows the story of a teenage boy, Jim, who is trying to turn his life around after falling on hard times. Haight introduces us to a new way of life when our protagonist is sent to live with his father on a floating city in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It is here that the adventures begin for our young protagonist and his wayward father. We encounter a variety of characters who all play a unique role in helping Jim find out who he truly is and what he is capable of accomplishing. 
Flotilla is branded as a science fiction story. It does not however, follow the typical science fiction storyline. Flotilla looks at a new way of living and the hardships that come with this new lifestyle. Jim and his father face off with their neighbors and the constant threat of pirates. As if theses threats weren't enough, Jim must then take on the hardest role of his life. He must survive. When California is attacked, Jim must flee the floating city with his young sister and survive a post apocalyptic landscape and the inherent dangers brought on by such a situation. 
Flotilla is a well written novel that introduces the reader to an alternative post apocalyptic setting. Daniel Haight has created well rounded characters and an interesting and unique story. Flotilla is filled with humor, adventure, and the right amount of nail biting action. This is the perfect read for anyone looking for well written characters and a unique storyline. I look forward to continuing this series and seeing how Jim continues to grow and adapt. 

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