Thursday, May 4, 2017

Saxon Matthews & The Dragon's Curse by A.R. Davis

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Rating: ★★★

A.R. Davis returns with her new novel, Saxon Matthews & The Dragon's Curse. This novel takes the reader on an adventure filled with bloodlust, revenge and a need for justice. Davis introduces us to our protagonist, Caroline, a young woman out for revenge against a vicious thief; Lord Griswald, a man who not only stole from Caroline's family, but left Caroline disfigured and filled with a need for deadly retaliation. As Caroline embarks on this adventure she meets with a young and mysterious man, Saxon Matthews, who has been tailing her every move. It is from this moment on that our two protagonists partake in an adventure unlike any other.
A.R. Davis delivers a fantastical story filled with nail biting and revenge filled adventures. We get to witness Caroline and Saxon begin to develop a rather unique relationship and grow into a duo to be reckoned with as they face off against the evil Lord Griswald and his ever loyal henchmen. Saxon Matthews & The Dragon's Curse is filled with twists and turns and one deadly secret. Davis does a great job breaking down who the characters are and takes the reader on a fantastic and fast paced adventure.
Saxon Matthews & The Dragon's Curse is a fantasy novel for young adults that will leave the reader craving more adventures with Saxon and Caroline. A must read for science fiction and fantasy fans who have a need for dragons, young love, and a justice seeking duo. I am excited to see what A.R. Davis has in store for Saxon and Caroline as they embark on new adventures!

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