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How to Survive New York Comic Con 2016 Edition

Surviving New York Comic Con 2016!

New York Comic Con is taking over the Jacob K. Javits Center in Manhattan from October 6th-9th, 2016.  New York Comic Con (NYCC) can be an overwhelming experience for newcomers and veteran con-goers alike. The purpose of this post is to provide my fellow convention nerds with some helpful convention survival tips and tricks to make the most of your New York Comic Con experience!

Bring cash!
Avoid the long ATM lines and the insane $10 fees at Javits and bring plenty of cash with you. Bring a variety of denominations as well (not everyone can break a $100)! Some exhibitors and the autographing lines only take CASH! 
Bring snacks and a refillable water bottle

The last thing you will want to spend your hard earned money on is a $5 bottle of water and so-so food! So bring a refillable water bottle and plenty of tasty snacks to keep you energized and satisfied! You will be thankful for that granola bar when you're sitting in the panel rooms or waiting in line for that autograph!
Charge it up!! 
Your cell phone and electronics are going to be your lifeline during the convention. Your schedule, entertainment, photo, video, networking all depend on having a fully charged cell phone at the ready! Don't get stuck hunting for a charging station or a spare outlet. Check out one or both of the above portable charging options to keep you connected and mobile no matter where you are by clicking the photo!

This may seem obvious, but there's always someone. Be considerate of your fellow convention attendees. Shower DAILY and wear deodorant. It is crowded and your personal space will be invaded and you don't want to catch a whiff of someone's body odor. 

Comfort is KEY!

You will be walking A LOT! Wear comfortable shoes and loose clothing. Make sure you check the weather before heading out and see if you will need a light jacket or an umbrella. New York City is known for it's unpredictable weather, so be prepared for anything!


NYCC provides you with some great scheduling tools and you NEED to take advantage of them. There are so many events happening that you will need to have a schedule to make sure you don't miss that amazing panel or miss out on getting your favorite celebrity's autograph. Make sure you have a plan B and C! Sometimes things don't work out...C'est la vie! Have a back up or two, so you're not left wandering around like a lost puppy for an hour or two!
Download the NYCC App!

The official NYCC App is a must have tool! This app will provide you with everything you need to know in regards to show specials, exhibitor exclusives, panel times, and any last minute changes or additions that may occur throughout the day. It is free and easy to download, so don't forget! 

Backpack Essentials!
NYCC permits backpacks and bags to help make carrying your loot a tad bit easier. Here are a few essentials to help make your overall experience a bit easier:
  • Sharpies: You never know who you may run into while you're wandering around the show floor!
  • Water Bottle: As stated before, you don't want to spend your money on water when there are so many awesome exclusives to buy!
  • Chap-stick: Who likes having chapped lips?
  • Hand Sanitizer: There will be hundreds of thousands of people at NYCC. Help avoid con-crud and use hand sanitizer!
  • Comic Sleeves & Boards: Don't let those exclusive comics get damaged during your commute! Buy them here!
  • Poster Tube/Picture Sleeves: The artist alley offers incredible artwork and you won't want it to get damaged while you're navigating the convention. Buy here!
  • Tote Bag: This will be your "go-to" for storing your freebies and convention goodies! Here is a great deal on Amazon for two fold-able travel nylon totes!
  • Camera: Document your time at NYCC and check out the amazing cos players! Don't forget to ask for permission before snapping that photo! COSPLAY IS NOT CONSENT!!
  • Medication: No one wants a headache slowing them down! These powder medications from Urgent Rx are fantastic and you don't even need water to take them!
  • Portable Stool: For all of you line warriors. This would be a fantastic investment and a great way to save your knees & butt! Check out this example on Amazon!
Have Fun!!! 
This is the most important piece of advice I can give you. NYCC is an amazing experience and you are there to have an amazing time! Enjoy yourself! 

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