Novel Concept Art

Novel Idea Reviews is a platform for all things BOOKS! This page will be dedicated to the amazing concept art created by book worms like you. This will be a place to appreciate the talents of countless artists and their creations based off some incredible works of literature! 

Every work of art showcased here will be properly credited. The artist will have the right to request that the work be taken down at any time. 

If you would like to add your work to this page, contact Novel Idea Reviews!

Hard Home by Andy Fairhurst

Battle of the Bastards by Andy Fairhurst

The Eyrie by Alexander Borodin

The Titan of Braavos by Cliff Childs

He Fell Asleep As We Was Flyin' Over Bristol by James Hance

James and the Giant Peach by Nancy Ekholm Burkert

Katniss Everdeen by Clay Rodery

Watchers on the Wall by Grzegorz Rutkowski  

 Harry Potter Centaurs by Harper Collins/Warner Brothers Harry Potter: The Creature Vault

The Hobbit by Alan Lee

The Knight Bus by Johnny Duddle

Dobby by Johnny Duddle

Chronicles of Narnia The White Witch and her Polar Bear Chariot by Justin Sweet

The Iron Throne by Marc Simonetti

The Lake Tower in Queenscrown by Michael Komarck

Titan of Braavos by Kay Huang

Meet by the River by Justin Sweet

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