Monday, August 24, 2015

Jolt: A Rural Noir by Roberta M. Roy

**A copy of this book was received in exchange for an HONEST review. Reviews through Novel Idea Reviews are NOT bought and every opinion is that of the reviewer and was in no way influenced by the author or in exchange for a free copy of the book.**

Rating: ★★★★

Roberta M. Roy's, Jolt: A Rural Noir, is one of the best-researched novels I have read in a long time. This is a book that you would want with you in any emergency situation, even though the story is fiction based. The information and the writing are so educational that you can see this as being a realistic event being told by the survivors for future civilians.  I will admit, I got a tad side tracked by some of the flash backs, but that was such a minor issue it probable wasn't even worth mentioning. 
Roy has a very unique writing style that some may find wordy, but I found to be quite enjoyable once you get into the thick of the action. Roy creates a world that seems so realistic to the society we are currently living in, that the events that take place could certainly strike at any moment in the here and now. The information and the organization with which Roy has the survivors display is fascinating and it works! 
As I stated, this is so much more than a work of fiction, it is a story full of educational information and could be quite useful in any real life emergency events. The characters are all well developed and you find yourself connecting on a deep and emotional level as the novel progresses. I am hoping for maybe a novella to summarize the current state of things and just to see how the characters are doing, that is how well Roy lures you into the story and the lives of each character. I'd highly recommend this novel to any doomsday prepper, as it provides fantastic insight and useable information!

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