Thursday, May 12, 2016

Tips for Surviving BookCon!

BookCon is in Chicago, Illinois on May 14th, 2016 at McCormick Place. As an attendee in New York City in 2014 and 2015 and a frequent convention attendee (NYCC 2012-2015), I would like to offer some tips for getting the most out of your BookCon experience!
  • Stay hydrated! Bring a refillable water bottle and make sure you drink, drink, drink! You will be doing a lot of walking around and convention centers are notoriously dry. Staying hydrated will prevent any unwanted health delays to your schedule. 
  • Make sure you bring some snacks! Save all your hard earned money for the BOOKS, not overpriced convention center food. You'll appreciate that granola bar while you are standing in line waiting for your favorite author or panel.
  • It may seem like common sense, but wear comfortable shoes! As I mentioned before, you will be doing A LOT of walking and will be bogged down with all the free books and ARCs from the various exhibitors. 
  • Speaking of free stuff, bring a backpack and/or tote bag(s) for a comfortable way to transport your new loot!
  • Plan ahead! The BookCon website has their panel and autograph schedules up on their site. Take advantage and schedule out and prioritize your day. Have a few backups just in case your first choice is full or the line is capped. 
  • Hit up the ATM before you arrive at the convention center. Avoid the crazy fees from the convention center ATMs. Use your debit card when possible and save the cash for the exhibitors who do not accept debit/credit. 
  • Bring your phone charger or a portable power bank! You don't want to miss any photo opportunities or lose your panel/autographing session schedule because of a dead battery! 
  • Don't stress out over the schedule...enjoy yourself and take in everything around you! 

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