Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Compounders (The Compounder Series #1) by Julie Trettel

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Rating: ★★★★
The Compounders is a fantastic story of love, survival, and the importance of family. Julie Trettel paints a very realistic version of a post apocalyptic America after it falls to civil unrest and the loss of governmental structure. The Compounders focuses on a man who spent a large portion of his life preparing for the worst and being ridiculed as the crazy man on the mountain. However, when America falls, it is this crazy man, his family and a select few who are free from the torment of this new society. 
Our main protagonist is a young girl coming into her own and trying to learn who she is outside of the compound. She struggles with the limits set upon her by her father and ends up getting involved in more than she bargained for. This story is a very realistic look at post apocalyptic America. It does not deal with the usual apocalyptic themes such as zombies and viruses. The Compounders is a very real version of "what if" and a look at what many consider crazy when we look at the lives of "Preppers." 
Trettel does a great job of combining love, adventure, and suspense in this book. The ending is a mix of emotions and will certainly leave the readers on the edge of their seats. This is the perfect story for fans of dystopian societies and survival stories. I can not wait for the follow up to see how our protagonist redeems herself and decides between love of an outsider and her family.

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