Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Secrets in Blood (Lake of Sins Series #2) by L.S. O'Dea

**A copy of this book was received in exchange for an HONEST review. Reviews through Novel Idea Reviews are NOT bought and every opinion is that of the reviewer and was in no way influenced by the author or in exchange for a free copy of the book.**

Rating: ★★★★★

Well, I decided not to leave you all hanging on too long for the review for the follow up of Escape: Lake of Sins #1. Needless to say, I jumped right into the second book, Secrets in Blood, of the Lake of Sins series. As expected, book number two does NOT disappoint! O'Dea picks up right where Escape left off, which was the perfect way to begin this book. There was no time jumping or guessing to be done once you began to read. We continue the almost unbelievable journey of our protagonist and her comrades and proceed to happen upon more death defying obstacles and adventures. 
I love that O'Dea emphasizes the importance of family and friends in her books. This is what defines our protagonist as well and makes her such a likable character in my eyes. Secrets in Blood is again well written and, had I not needed sleep, I would have made sure to finish this novel in one sitting. 
We continue the adventures of each character and see the demise of others. O'Dea does not lead us on in anyway or attempt to throw in an unnecessary twist in this novel. The story is told matter of factly and in an entertaining manner. At no point did I find myself bored or saying to myself, "well I saw that coming." This is another example of excellent writing and a unique story in a world and genre of absolutes and typical outcomes.
I believe there will be a third book in this series, at least I hope so! In which case I am again sitting on the edge of my seat awaiting the follow up so that I can see just how this incredible story comes to an end! 

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