Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Everyone Dies at the End by Riley Westbrook & Sara Lynn Westbrook

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Rating: ★★★

"Everyone Dies at the End" is a short zombie apocalyptic story. The outbreak in this particular story is one so believable that you may just start hoarding supplies in your basement. As you read, you are introduced to several different character perspectives and their role in both the cause and the survival of this apocalypse. The characters are all well developed and are anything but one dimensional. The main group of survivors ranges in age as well as physical type. The depth of the plot and the descriptions do not lag simply because this is a short story. The writing is done in a way that allows the reader to imagine the scenario and makes you want to keep reading just to see how it ends.
The ending, which I shall not reveal, has one of the biggest twists I have read in a short story. You will find yourself laughing at the simplicity of the ending, but also the creativity of it. I would surely recommend this story to any fan of this genre. It is an enjoyable read and is well written. 

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