Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Summer that Melted Everything by Tiffany McDaniel

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Rating: ★★★★★
The Summer that Melted Everything is NOT your average debut novel. Tiffany McDaniel does not shy away from dealing with some of our society's biggest taboos. I must start this review off by applauding Ms. McDaniel. This could not have been an easy novel to write especially given our current political and societal atmosphere. With that said, this is an incredible read and is marvelously written. 
This novel focuses on some very thought provoking subjects and does not shy away from society's views of these subjects. McDaniel addresses racism, religion, homosexuality, and the HIV/AIDS pandemic of the 1980's. The way McDaniel weaves each of these subjects into this story creates a powerful and thought provoking work of art. The character development is so well done that you feel as though you have known these characters your entire life and have grown up with them in their small Ohio town. 
The story is an amazing tale of loss and heartbreak. It addresses so many topics that NEED to be discussed and does it in a way that encourages thought provoking conversation and intellectual discussion. The Summer that Melted Everything is one of the best novels I have read in a long time. McDaniel's writing is fantastic and adds to the magnificence of the story. I am not sure I could state how much I recommend this novel. It is definitely a MUST read for mature audiences and it will not disappoint. Tiffany McDaniel is an author to watch out for and I am excited to see what she has in store for us next!

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