Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Haunted Country by Jason White

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Rating: ★★★
The Haunted Country by Jason White is a look at what happens to civilization during the zombie apocalypse. The dead may be walking around, but they are the least of our young protagonists worries. The Haunted Country follows a young fifteen year old boy and his mentally handicapped sister, as they try to survive the horrors of this new world. White has created a world full of horror and heartbreak. We are shown early on that the real threat is not the walking dead, but the remnants of humanity. Our characters face off with some terrible monsters disguised as fellow survivors.
Jason White does a good job of creating a strong sibling bond with our main protagonists and does not forget to include the brooding and reluctant hero. The story is typical of many in the zombie genre, but White does not shy away from putting our young protagonists through some horrible and heartbreaking situations.
There are several critical moments in the story that will leave readers teary eyed and broken hearted. White does not waste any time getting right into the action and does a good job of keeping the reader involved in the story from the very first chapter. Every chapter and every character plays an important role in the novel's overall plot. 
The Haunted Country is a good read for zombie and apocalyptic genre fans. White digresses from many in the genre by including the realistic possibility of what a survivor would go through when trying to make it with a disabled family member. White includes all of the horror and gore many fans of the genre crave and leaves the reader satisfied. The Haunted Country is a great debut novel and a fantastic start for Jason White and I look forward to reading more from him!

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