Saturday, May 28, 2016

Mortal Showdown by Nik Krasno

**A copy of this book was received in exchange for an HONEST review. Reviews through Novel Idea Reviews are NOT bought and every opinion is that of the reviewer and was in no way influenced by the author or in exchange for a free copy of the book.**
Rating: ★★★★
Nik Krasno's novel, Mortal Showdown, is a thriller of international proportions. Our main protagonist, Misha, has awoken from a coma as a result of an attempted assassination and is thrown into an adventure full of political upheaval and a fight for power. Krasno does not waste any time getting into the meat of the story and has created a fast paced thriller. A bit jumpy at times, the story redeems itself with the fantastical James Bond-esque action sequences. 
The characters are well developed and every character introduced plays an important role in the story's plot. The action is non-stop and makes for a page turning story. This is an easy and fun read for mature audiences. Krasno does not skimp on the action, sex, betrayal, and power hungry characters. Mortal Showdown is perfect read for this summer for fans looking for action and adventure with political undertones. 

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