Thursday, March 10, 2016

Drifters (Omega Days Series #3) by John L. Campbell

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Rating: ★★★★★
In Drifters, the third book in the Omega Days Series, John L. Campbell shows us that there is more to fear than the walking dead. In this continuation, we are shown that sometimes the living are the real monsters. Drifters takes us on a rescue mission and a battle of wits with some of the original Omega Days survivors. Campbell is a master when it comes to describing and setting the scene for urban warfare. The battle scenes, the nail biting situations, and the character developments are done so well you'd be hard pressed to believe you are reading a work of fiction.
Drifters is the novel in the Omega Days Series that we have been waiting for. It addresses many of the original predicaments faced by our survivors. It also introduces some new and not so friendly faces. Campbell does a fantastic job showcasing the zombies and making sure you realize this is still an apocalyptic zombie novel. He also introduces the idea that the dead are not the only monsters we should be afraid of. 
Drifters is a story of fierce survival and the power of love and the lengths we will go to for our loved ones. We see some of our favorite characters take on this new world and are given the revenge we have been seeking. This book will certainly bring fans back for more and will leave everyone on the edge of their seat. The heartbreaking moments, the nonstop action, and the promise of more adventures will keep readers coming back for more of the Omega Days Series

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