Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Zombie Games: The Series (Books 1-5) by Kristen Middleton

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Rating: ★★★★
Zombie Games: The Series is a collection of five stories from Kristen Middleton. Those stories include, Origins, Running Wild, Dead Endz, Road Kill, and End Zone. Each story is very precise and does not wait to jump into the zombie action. From book one to book five, the reader is immersed in a fantastic apocalyptic story with fantastic comedic relief peppered in. 
Zombie Games is an excellent series that depicts the strong female protagonist and has some great supporting characters and villains. Each character has his or her own personality that is described and shown in depth throughout the entire series. Middleton takes the reader on a fantastic adventure and does a great job differentiating this zombie series from others in its genre. The twist thrown into the plot makes for an interesting read that keeps you in suspense from the moment Middleton hints at it. 
The overall storyline for this series made for a great, fast, and easy read. As a reader, it was enjoyable and written in a way that made for a fast paced adventure that could be completed with an enjoyable ease. The writing style is simplistic, which keeps the story from becoming confusing and long winded. This is certainly a great adventure, with some great comedic relief, for all zombie and apocalyptic genre fans to pick up and enjoy. 

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