Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Ship of the Dead (Omega Days Series #2) by John L. Campbell

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Rating: ★★★★★
Ship of the Dead is the second book in John L. Campbell's Omega Days Series. As a fan of the first novel, I knew it would be difficult to top. However, Campbell creates a fantastic urban warfare setting with this followup. The suspense is nonstop and you will certainly find yourself holding your breath on more than one occasion. Ship of the Dead takes place on an infested aircraft carrier, the only option left for our survivors. As we watch the survivors attempt to take back this ship from the dead, we are just sitting on pins and needles for something awful to happen with every turn of the page. 
The characters in this novel return from Omega Days and we see who the true leaders are and are introduced to some vile personalities that many managed to hide in the first novel. This novel took on a darker tone and we experience the loss of some beloved characters. However, others step up and you find yourself rooting for some unlikely characters. 
John L. Campbell has a talent for writing thrilling urban horror scenes. Campbell is the perfect author for fans of The Walking Dead and other novels and comics at the top of their game in the zombie genre. He does not leave out the important fact that the dead are not the only threat in this hellish new world. The ending of Ship of the Dead is one that will leave  you with your jaw on the floor and running for the next book! This is every zombie lovers ideal series!

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