Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Becoming Darkness by Lindsay Francis Brambles

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Rating: ★★★★

Becoming Darkness is the vampire novel we have all been waiting for! Lindsay Francis Brambles has created a masterful story that incorporates romance, adventure, and a whole lot of what ifs. Becoming Darkness takes a look at what the future would look like if the Nazi Regime was victorious during World Ward II, thanks in part to the release of a virus that turns non-immunes into blood sucking immortals. This story is filled with non-stop entertainment and thrilling adventures. The main protagonist is a young teenage girl who we see grow into a strong woman, who will stop at nothing to make sure the truth is brought to light. 

Lindsay Francis Brambles does a fantastic job creating characters that the reader cannot help but love and cheer for. When it comes to the antagonists, it is easy to find them all repulsive. As a reader, you find yourself hoping that they all meet their deserved ends by the hands of our protagonist. The story is told in a easy to read and fast paced manner. The action is constant and you are not left with any unnecessary scenes that would drag out the overall storyline. I can not wait for the followup of this novel. The cliffhanger and the growth of the protagonist after suffering a major loss will make for yet another fantastic story.

Becoming Darkness is a wonderful read for the young adult audience. It has everything a young reader could possibly want or need. There is action, romance, some more action and of course, vampires. 

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