Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Gray Crusade (The Rogue #2) by Logan Judy

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Rating: ★★★★★

A Gray Crusade is the second novel in the The Rogue Series by author, Logan Judy. This follow-up to, Finding Sage, is an amazing story that picks up right where its predecessor left off. A Gray Crusade does not skip a beat and throws the reader right back into the action. We now see the story through the eyes of our troubled and confused protagonist/antagonist. This character was created by Judy in a very inventive manner. One moment we find that we can not stand this young man and then the next scene leaves us cheering for his survival and has us hoping he makes the right choice in the end. 

All our favorite characters have returned in this follow-up and the author does a great job fitting each story into this novel without over doing it and making the story too over the top. 

Again, Logan Judy does a fantastic job creating a unique world and a terrifying and fantastic story. The ending of this novel certainly rivals its predecessor and we, the reader, are again left on the edge of our seat awaiting the next novel in this crazy series. I highly recommend this series to fans of all survival genres. The writing style is fast paced and easy to read. 

So here we are again, waiting for author, Logan Judy, to create another fast paced adventure with some of our favorite characters.

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