Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fallout (Lois Lane #1) by Gwenda Bond

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Rating: ★★★★

Gwenda Bond delivers a clever and adventurous novel that introduces a young Lois Lane and her teenage antics. We see how young Lois morphs from a curious and determined teenager to the Lois Lane we all know and love from the various tellings of Superman. 
Fallout is filled with unique and thrilling adventures. We meet a group of teens, who become friends with the new girl, Lois Lane. These teens are placed together in a side project of The Daily Planet, and with Lois Lane's help, they look to make names for themselves while breaking a one of a kind story. 
Bond does an excellent job of describing and creating the Lois Lane character. Bond keeps to the true nature of Lane's personality and characteristics. She allows us to see how Lois Lane became the unstoppable reporter for The Daily Planet. The secondary characters are all given their due respect and you can not help but to form a bond with each one of them. 
The story line for Fallout is unique and thrilling. It is written in a page turning and exciting nature. The story makes you want to continue and find out what could possibly happen next. It has its moments where you find yourself holding your breath and sitting on the edge of your seat. The clever inclusion of "Smallville" guy in this novel is fantastic. We as the reader clearly know who he is, but Lois is left in the dark, but with a deep connection and sense of comfort with this unknown character. 
This is a great book for fans of Superman and the relationship he has with Lois and how it may have developed. It is the perfect read for young adults and really any pop culture fan! 

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