Monday, September 28, 2015

Statisticity by Yaron Glazer

**A copy of this book was received in exchange for an HONEST review. Reviews through Novel Idea Reviews are NOT bought and every opinion is that of the reviewer and was in no way influenced by the author or in exchange for a free copy of the book.**

Rating: ★★★

Yaron Glazer's novel, Statisticity, is the future of eBook writing. Glazer has created an enhanced reading experience by including various links in the eBook format. These links help to enhance and explain the incredible world that is created and form a unique science fiction adventure. 
The story's plot is unique and takes place in a dystopian and digitalized China. The characters are one of a kind and Glazer uses his "e-ink" to help expand on each character and how they became a part of this new world. The plot and storyline may be a bit hard to follow for those not used to science fiction writing and the technical  jargon that is used. However, by utilizing the e-ink, Glazer opens up the Science Fiction genre to a new audience and helps explain some of the more challenging or hard to follow storylines.
I enjoyed the experience of having the ability to simply click a link and have a map pop up and show me exactly where a particular scene is taking place. It made following the story much easier and also made it fun, as if you were a character in this novel, rather than just a reader. 
I hope to see a follow up to this novel, especially with the exciting cliffhanger used by Glazer to end this story. I would recommend this novel to all science fiction lovers and anyone looking for a unique and new age way of reading. The three star review is due to the technicality of the story that may confuse some readers, but it shows incredible promise and I can not wait to enjoy the sequel! 

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