Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sanctuary: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel (The New World Series #3) by G. Michael Hopf

Rating: ★★★★★
G. Michael Hopf picks up right where he left off in the third book of The New World Series. Sanctuary is a fascinating story told from the perspective of the youngest survivor, now in adulthood. I love how Hopf took the youngest and most vulnerable character and allowed her to be the one to tell the entire story. He shows how she has grown and overcome the many hardships and the terrifying journey from innocent child to survivor of the apocalypse. 
Sanctuary continues the story of each character and group we have met in The End and The Long Road. We are allowed to see how certain characters overcome some hardships that in many instances would tear down even the strongest human beings. You were left heartbroken at the end of The Long Road and upon starting Sanctuary you are hopeful that revenge and justice play a huge part in the plot of this next installment. Hopf does not disappoint and allows for some closure for certain characters. 
The best part of this series is the importance Hopf puts on the family aspect of survival. For each and every character there is nothing more important than the survival and well-being of his or her family. The writing continues to impress and creates yet another page turning adventure. The next book in this series should be quite interesting and I truly look forward to seeing how the characters grow and progress and to see how some survive the situations they have created. 

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