Thursday, May 28, 2015

Quarantine Series by Lex Thomas

Overall Rating:★★★★

The Quarantine Series (The Loners, The Saints, & The Burnouts) by Lex Thomas is a modern age Lord of the Flies. As you begin the series you are taken back to the days of high school and the numerous cliques within. Every school had the Nerds, Pretty Ones, Varsity, the Burnouts, and of course the Loners. Lex Thomas takes these cliques to the next level when tragedy strikes a seemingly normal high school. The students are left to fend for themselves when a virus breaks out that causes contact with juveniles to kill any adults who come within feet of them.

As the series progresses we see some characters grow and earn leadership roles while we also watch others fall from their pedestals of popularity. The overall story and the adventures that each group and individuals encounters are all telling of a society run by juvenile minds.

I must say I enjoyed the books and Lex Thomas' style of writing. You soon find it hard to stop after each chapter and will keep saying, "just one more page," numerous times during each book. Overall, there will be moments where you find yourself routing for the socially awkward to come out on top. The only way to judge the series is to take a stab at it yourself and see just how deadly high school can truly be, especially when your life depends on graduation day.

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